Monday, February 6, 2017

Dual Outboards On An 8' Dinghy?

We hadn't run our Tohatsu 4 hp outboard in weeks, so it was time to start it up again. Outboards really don't like to sit idle for long periods of time. The gas in the carb, lines and tank starts to evaporate leaving behind a gummy residue that makes the motor run poorly or not want to start at all. Since Brenda was on land helping another couple sew up a new riding sail with her Janome sewing machine, Mike figured this would be a good time to take the motor off the stern rail mount and haul it ashore. The marina has a test barrel filled with water for the cruisers to use, so Mike planned to take it there.

As Mike was deciding how to transport the outboard in the dinghy he thought, "Hey, why not just slide the 9.8 hp outboard to one side and set the 4 hp on the transom right next to it and test run it right there?" So that is what he did. While Mike was running the 4 hp a long term liveaboard on a nearby boat came out on deck to see who was running their outboard. The look of total bewilderment on his face was priceless as he simply stared open mouthed at Mike sitting proudly in his dual outboard dinghy. We can just imagine him thinking, "What kind of a moron northerner is this guy!"

It did look pretty cool though.


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  1. I wish I'd seen that! How cool!
    But I've got the single outboard off our dinghy right now, as I've been sailing it instead! Maybe you saw me? Light blue dinghy with the tanbark lug rig? Great fun!