Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Rum Run

Oh no, The rum is gone!

Mike was out of rum, so we decided to bike to the Walgreens past the airport to see if they had any of his favorite, Oakheart. Right next door is Beall's, a kind of TJ Max's, and since Mike was down to one pair of good shorts with holes in them, he bit the bullet and went clothes shopping. This rates right up there with going to the doctor with him. But he was a big boy and found a couple pairs of shorts and a shirt. Brenda had no trouble finding a shirt to add to her cruising wardrobe. Sweet! We can now go out in public again.

After such an ordeal, ice cream was in order. Island Time Ice Cream also has sandwiches, so we had a delicious lunch with ice cream for desert. That little stop pretty much negated the benefits of our bike ride, but, oh well.

While we were gone Tom Crank of Dependable Dive Service cleaned our boat bottom. He was amazed at the amount of growth. We needed to pay him, so we putted over to his boat and checked on Roger and Peggy's boat.

As long as we were that far out.....we dinghied on to Castaways loacated near the end of a channel filled with working fishing boats and processing buildings. And are we glad we did. We tried their crab Rangoon appetizers. They were to die for. These were not the usual rangoons, but more like a puff pastry with crab, creamy sauce and rice inside. Delicious! We got five for $5. We'll be back. We contentedly dinghied back home. Yet another beautiful day in Paradise.


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