Thursday, February 2, 2017

Dinghy Chap Pockets

Hauling tools ashore in our new pockets.

I was so excited to get rid of our old, decaying cockpit cushions. The foam inside was crumbling, but the Phifertex material on the outside was still in pretty good shape. I hated to throw that part away and I had a plan. Our dinghy is small and we always have "stuff" on the floor: anchor, spare oil and no place for cups during a dinghy ride. So, I cut the phifertex material into pieces that could be used as pockets on the inside of the dinghy chaps. We marked where we wanted the pockets to be located and pulled off the chaps.

I used some left-over vinyl to make a casing for the top of the pockets. Then I turned under an edge on the remaining three sides and sewed the pockets to the chaps. It was an easy project and now our dinghy rides are clutter-free.


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