Monday, February 20, 2017

Our Plan for the Bahamas (or lack thereof)

Bahamian Flag

We have been asked many times over the past month about our plans for the Bahamas. We always answer that we want to head over around the first week of March and be back in the States in June. That is a pretty vague plan. Thankfully, many people here have made the trek across to the Bahamas several times and are willing to share their wisdom. We have attended meetings where travel to the Bahamas was the topic. We have been part of several Captain's meetings (ok, usually at a happy hour). And we have read everything we could get our hands on including the blogs of friends who are already over there. There seems to be two trains of thought: head straight to Bimini from here or travel up Hawk's Channel to Rodriguez Key (Anglefish Creek) and stage there for the jump across to Bimini. Either route is about half the distance we covered when we hopped across the Gulf of Mexico.

From there most suggest that you head through the Berry Islands to the Exumas at this time of year. Otherwise you are heading north to the Abacos. North means colder and that is not what we are after. People suggest that you save the Abacos for the end of your trip when the weather has warmed up. Who would have thought of any part of the Bahamas as "north". But if you look at the map, you'll see they are correct.

Once you are in the Bahamas, you have several areas to explore, although many never get past Bimini because they like it so much. Then there are the Berry Islands, the Abacos, Andros, the Exumas, and Eleuthera. That should keep us busy for three months. Everyone has their opinion on what area is best. Some like more populated areas and want to stay in marinas. We tend to like the more remote areas and are anxious to explore and snorkel. Where will we be when? Who knows. It all depends on the weather and what kind of adventuring we feel like doing.


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  1. Best travels guys. Stay safe and enjoy the ride. Sail On.