Monday, May 15, 2017

Enjoying Bimini

Wrinkles behind Island Tyme

We arrived at Bimini Sands Marina in South Bimini on Thursday after an 8 hour sail. We like this marina better than the ones on North Bimini because it offers more protection from the current and it has floating docks. In addition it has bathrooms with showers (good but not great), laundry room (currently out of order), restaurant (not open til summer), Ship's Store (not open but being stocked), fuel dock (it works), swimming pool by office (very nice), infinity pool with bar/food service (awesome) and a beach. We keep saying this place has all the pieces and the location to be one hopping place. As it is, not so much. They have just received new management so maybe they will start taking steps to perk it back up.

For our needs, the place is fine. Our boats are safe and we enjoy the pools. We can walk about 1/3 mile to the ferry dock and get a ride to North Bimini for $2 each. The ride is only a few minutes long and then you have all of the shops, bars and beaches within walking distance. Oh, can't forget that Charlie's Bread is within walking distance as well. That is VERY important. The one negative is the blasted no-see-ums or sand flies as the locals call them. Each dawn and dusk they come out and attack. Regular screens do not stop them as they simply crawl right through the openings. We have added some tulle fabric to some of our screens which is a fine enough mesh to stop the little monsters. People use bug spray, Skin-So -Soft, etc. to ward them off, but nothing works for more than a very short time. The best defense is loose fitting clothes, strong wind or a fan.

We have enjoyed the infinity pool and the regular pool already as well as one trip to North Bimini. Yes, we bought two loaves of Charlie's bread on board. One Bimini bread and one coconut bread. Mike made Brenda Bimini bread French toast for her Mother's Day breakfast. Mike also cooked up some Blue Runner using a Long John Silver's type recipe to make fish bites as an appetizer for sundowners with Island Tyme. Yummm. We spend our time reading, doing boat projects, walking the docks looking at all the fish (Mike is constantly telling Brenda to be careful as this is where she broke her arm) and just enjoying our lives.

Fish Bites

We have been watching the weather for a window to cross back over the Gulf Stream. We aren't sure if we want a window to open or not. We enjoy it here.


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