Saturday, May 13, 2017

One Of The Most Magical Evenings Of Our Lives

Wrinkles at Mackie Shoal

Enroute from Chubb Cay, Berry Islands to Bimini we arrived at Mackie Shoal after a long 10 hour motorsail. We caught a Spanish Mackeral along the way which Mike cleaned as we made our way to the anchorage. If you aren't a sailor you have probably never heard of Mackie Shoal. It is simply a low water area between the Berry Islands and Bimini that boaters use as an overnight rest stop. The water is only 6 to 12' deep there which makes it a nice spot to drop your anchor in settled weather. Otherwise the sail from Chubb Cay to Bimini is about an 18 hour crossing for slow sailboats like ours.


Island Tyme

We dropped our anchors and made plans for a fish dinner aboard Wrinkles at 6:30 p.m. We picked up Don and Gail and ferried them over to Wrinkles. We grilled the Spanish Mackeral along with Spanish Rice and Green Bean casserole for a very memorable dinner. The sunset was amazing as there is no land within 30 miles offering a 360 degree horizon. We ate our awesome meals and watched an incredible sunset followed by an equally amazing full moon rising.


As Mike dinghied Don and Gail back to Island Tyme they marveled at the moon's reflection of their boat's image on the water. It was a truly magical evening that few people have had the privilege of experiencing.


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