Sunday, May 28, 2017

Key Biscayne to Key Largo

Gilbert's Resort

After a good night's sleep we needed to move our boats based on the weather forecast. Strong southerly winds with ugly thunderstorms is not the kind of forecast any sailor wants to see. We picked an anchorage at Jew Point near Key Largo as it offered good protection from south and southwest winds. Of course that meant we wAnd ould be sailing directly into the south winds which meant motoring for 25 miles.

As we left our anchorage by No Name Harbor we passed Stiltsville. It sure looks strange to see homes built on pilings out in the middle of a bay. This portion of our route allowed us to put up our sails and fly along in the 15 knot winds. As soon as we turned south, directly into the wind, the fun came to an end. Putt, putt, putt. Mike is really tired of that sound.

Mangroves near Jew Point

We arrived at Jew Point and let out 100' of chain in anticipation of the strong winds to come the next two days. Between rain storms we went for a dinghy ride in the mangrove lined creeks. There wasn't much animal life, but the scenery was beautiful. Brenda loved seeing the mangrove roots grabbing anything solid in the water as they did their job of building bases and filtering water.

Mangrove roots working away

Once the thunderstorms passed through after a couple of days we were finally able to pick up our anchors and get moving south again. Wrinkles was down to 1-2 days of diesel, so we headed toward an anchorage just 11 miles away off Gilbert's Resort where there was a fuel dock. We had tried to top off in Bimini, but the island was out of diesel. Putt, putt, putt right into the wind.

Don and Mike took all their diesel jugs in the dinghies to the fuel dock. Upon returning to the boats they found both Brenda and Gail sweltering in the heat. The breeze had stopped and the temperature was at 88 degrees, Real Feel of 111 degrees. We quickly cleaned up and headed to Gilbert's Resort for some well deserved cold beverages.

Cool derelict sailboat
Gilbert's Resort

Gilbert's Resort had live entertainment, cold drinks and some tasty food. We truly enjoyed ourselves listening to the music in the shade by a big fan. Mike bought a bag of ice to take back to the boat which is a true treat. Unfortunately when we got back to Wrinkles we realized the bag of ice was still on the dock melting away. Then we remembered that we had also forgotten our leftovers on the table. Geez, what happened to our short term memory?

Don realizing he forgot the kill switch key

The next day we planned to pass along the shallowest stretch of the ICW. None of us was looking forward to that.


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