Sunday, January 15, 2012

Explaining Our Dream

On one of the sailing forums - - that I read for info and advice, another sailing couple mentioned that they too would start a blog. They said this might help their family understand the reasoning or need to go sailing for an extended period of time. Well, that is one of the reasons that this blog was conceived. We hope that our family and friends will come to see the freedom, joy and sense of accomplishment that sailing can give us. We hope that they realize that we aren't just looking for a sunny beach and a fruity drink kind of vacation. We want to couple our newly found love of sailing with our desire to experience new places and cultures.

Here are a couple of short videos to give our non-sailing friends a feeling for sailing and it's allure.  We took these videos one beautiful evening under a full moon.  We didn't add music as the gentle sounds of wind and water give you an idea of the peacefulness of this kind of sailing. 


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