Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wrinkles in Our Sails

So why would someone name their sailing blog Wrinkles in Our Sails?

If you have ever had the misfortune of meeting Mike, you would have come away thinking, " That is one very low key, low stress kind of guy." Well that kind of non-Type A personality doesn't translate into a very competitive attitude when it comes to sailing. In other words, a few wrinkles in his sails are not something he will worry about. Sailing is about freedom, enjoying the outdoors, the sound of the boat slipping through the water, sunshine on your face and spending time with the one you love. Wrinkles in Our Sails - no worries.

We have enjoyed numerous sports and hobbies during our marriage such as bicycling, motorcycling (Yes, little teacher Brenda was a Harley mama.), tennis, basketball, bowling, stained glass, snorkeling and building our own home. Regretably sailing wasn't added until recently. Yes, we always said we would like to try sailing, but it didn't happen until we were approaching 50. All it took was thirty minutes playing with a plastic dinghy and the hook was set. We were going to be sailors. So we may not be the youngest ones, or the oldest, setting our sails in the wind, but a few wrinkles never kept anyone from persuing their dreams.

Mike and B


  1. Here I thought the name may have come by the way of you didnt take to sailing until you began getting wrinkles. So know I know the real reason. Interesting.

    1. Lisa,
      Coming into sailing later in life is definitely part of the reason for the name.