Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Short List

Happy New Year everyone.

I'll bet that if you are a sailor you will spend at least some portion of this new year working on your Short List. I define the Short List as a wish list for the next sailboat whether I need it or not. It can be written down or simply kept in our heads, but we all have them. A little more room, speed, comfort, style, a windlass, a different sail plan, bigger berths, a real head..... The list goes on and each of us has something different that drives our desire for the next boat. We love spending time researching for the next boat and have started our Short List. Visit our SHORT LIST page to see what we are dreaming about.

Maybe a beauty like this one in Door County is on your short list.

Always looking for the next boat.  My friend Jim and I walking the marina in Egg Harbor, Door County.


  1. Where is the link to the short list page :-)

  2. Thank you for calling our attention to this. We have searched our site and cannot find the Page we created for the Short List. Sometime in the past five years it has disappeared! We'll continue to dig through and see if we can resurrect the page. We must have inadvertently deleted the page and the link during one of site revamping. Sorry it isn't currently available.

    1. no worries :-) Great blog site. We are beginning our journey and find your blog very inspiring. I too am 6'3" and looking for headroom. Since this was a major criteria for both of you, I thought my wife and I could "start" with your already narrowed down list, as you have "been there, done that" with visiting multiple ships. Thanks!