Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cabin cushions are done!

Who says procrastination is a bad thing? I got the cushions done in plenty of time for sailing last week. ....Ok, so we were spraying the Scotchgard as we were loading up the boat, but they were done.

Actually the sewing process wasn't really that bad. It just took me a long time to get psyched up to get started. As with any project, sometimes you just have to take the first step and then let the momentum build. Having some sewing experience definitely paid off and having the old cushions to use as a pattern made the project doable. First step was to rip one of the old cushions apart. That was really nasty since these were the well used originals! I was able to save the zipper as well as the stiff bottom vinyl piece to use on the new cushion. The foam was in good condition, so I was able to reuse that as well. Looking like the material and thread would be our only expense. Sweet!

Time to break out the 1964 Singer sewing machine that was well used by Mom on several projects, including the prom dress that I wore for my date with a really cool guy named Mike! Mom must have done a good job on the dress, we are still married today!

The first step was to sew the zipper onto the back panel. Then came the tricky part. We wanted the stripes to run from side to side, not lengthwise, however, that means matching the stripes across the front edge. In other words, a pain in the neck. We wanted to add the piping for that professional look, so Mike wisely left me alone for awhile as I sputtered and sputted my way through.

Then all that was left was to sew the top to the bottom plastic/vinyl piece. This was not the most fun part. That bottom piece was rather cumbersome. But I took it as a personal challenge, and soon one cushion covering was done. Hard part over - right!?

Not so quick. Now I had to turn the whole thing right-side out and stuff the foam inside. That process required an extra set of hands and fortunately our son was more than willing to help out. After pushing and pulling foam and material we finally had something looking like a cushion, but we still needed to get the foam and the material to agree play nice and stop twisting. Eventually we got it to lay flat and were able to pull the zipper shut. One done!! No problem, it's still only 8 pm and we weren't leaving until the next afternoon.

The next morning I started right in on the second cushion. Fortunately all went smoothly and I also had time to finish the laundry and get groceries. Yea, I guess I do tend to put things off sometimes.



  1. Speaking of procrastination dear, isn't that a Christmas pattern tablecloth on the dining room table you are working on?

    Love you,

  2. Well....Mike,didnt you ever hear of Christmas in July>? Right, Brenda!!??