Thursday, July 19, 2012

Door County - Day 3

We awoke to good winds, but part of our deal with the crew on the Hunter 235 was to get some time shopping in all the neat little shops in the area. Joni thinks sailing is OK, but it isn't the only thing to do. We all know that a happy crew makes for a happy boat. So instead of heading out into the water we took off in a 4Runner and headed to Egg Harbor. Jim and Mike lasted all of one shop before splitting off in search of coffee and anything non-shopping related.

Brenda, Jim and Joni "shopping"
We found some caffeine and wandered down to the beautiful park overlooking the local marina. This is one pretty marina with wonderful facilities. We stayed here on our boats a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. The big sailboats were just coming into the bay for the final leg of a race. We watched them come in, furl up their sails and motor into the marina slips.

Egg Harbor marina
We caught up to the ladies and went off to find air conditioning, food and cold beer. We tried Shipwrecked, but it was over 85 degrees in there and decided that although we love this bar we really needed some time in A/C. Nearby is a Mexican restaurant called Moja Rosas which served cold beer in a cold dining room. Perfect!

We headed off toward our boats, but ended up stopping in Fish Creek to walk their marina and sample some ice cream and snow cone treats. We are eating way too much ice cream on this trip.

Brenda's snow cone
Brenda was getting anxious to get on the water as the winds were getting stronger. Off we headed again and this time we did make it all the way back to our boats.

We made up some tasty wraps and sat in the shade eating our lunch. Finally, we headed out in Wrinkles to play in the water.

Lunch in the shade of the trees
Our sailing buddies decided to play on the other side of Eagle Harbor in the lee of the south-shore.

Jim and Joni's pretty Hunter 235 under reefed sails.
We went out into Green Bay and were met with good gusty conditions. We are learning to trust our Com-Pac 23/3 and let her handle more of the strong gusts on her own without dumping too much wind. She handled it fine and our friends said they watched us heading out with the rail near water several times. We played on the water for a while until it was time to head in for showers in anticipation of our restaurant reservations in Gill's Rock at the Shoreline Restaurant.

The view and the food at the Shoreline was one of the highlights of our time in Door County. The friendly staff serves beautifully presented meals that are enhanced by the view of the bay at the foot of the hill. Anyone passing this way will miss a special treat if they skip this great place.

Back at the boats we served up the Drambuie and watched the last of the sunset. We didn't do a lot of sailing today, but the experiences of the day certainly made up for it. A little light rain ended our sunset and chased us into our boats. Brenda took this opportunity to slaughter Mike at Cribbage.

Since the cabin was closed up we tried out our new 12-volt fan and it ended up running all night to keep us comfortable inside. The Ultimate 747 model by Caframo that we bought at West Marine (Mike loves those 30 percent off coupons that WM sends out!) uses very little battery power, is relatively quiet and adjusts to different positions easily. Jim had purchased this model earlier and had recommended it to us. So far we are pleased with our selection.

We turned in early to the sound of gentle rain on our cozy cabin. Not a bad way to end another awesome day in Door County.


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