Friday, July 13, 2012

Door County Sailing

We trailered up to Ephraim in Door County, Wisconsin for four days of sailing with our good friends Jim and Joni.

Jim at the helm of his Hunter 235
Joni checking out the scenery
We rigged and splashed the two boats by 2 pm and decided to take our friends Hunter 235 out for its inaugural sail as a foursome. The views, great winds, weather and friends made for a memorable sail. Well ok, the cold beer was good too.

Rigging Wrinkles for a Door County sail
Jim just got the boat and installed a new CDI FF2 furler and a new 115 genny from FX Sails. Amazing how that boat would scoot along even on just the headsail. The boat would tack easily as well with just the genny up. Our Com-Pac 23/3 with its older genny really doesn't like to tack that way.

Our "home" for the next 4 days
We pretty much have to have the main up as well to get good tacks. We can't wait for our new main to arrive next week.

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