Monday, July 16, 2012

Door County Day 2

The breakfast at The Old Post Office restaurant was awesome, as always.

We decided today's sail should be up to Fred and Fuzzy's near Sister Bay. The winds looked promising, the sun was shining, and both boats were rigged and ready to go. By the time we hit the end of the long channel to get out of the marina the winds pretty much died. We ghosted along together taking pictures and chatting until the wind completely quit. Eventually we motored into the docks at Fred and Fuzzy's. We forget how small our boat is until we pull into a dock where the average boat looks like a house.

Just the bow of the boat on the right is bigger than our boat!

Docks in Door County are designed for "big" boats. 
 Pulling into a dock in Door County is a humbling experience.  You might feel like a really big-time sailor until you have to get a boost up just to tie off.  The above picture was taken by Mike standing in our cockpit while Brenda secures the "big to us" boat.

Fred and Fuzzy's at opening time.  We love the place!
The umbrella drinks and the good food at Fred and Fuzzy's were as good as we remembered. Their sweet potato fries are perfect!

After full bellies and a fun sail, there is nothing better than a dip in the cool clear water followed by a nap. The winds eventually freshened enough for us to pull anchor and head back to Ephraim. The gusts prompted us to keep in one reef. Strong winds are preferable to a wind that can't make up its mind whether to blow hard or stall. Makes for some fun and tricky sailing. We "raced" a big two master on the way and took pictures and videos of each other. You see all kinds of unique boats when sailing and sailboat watching is one of the fun things in Door County.

The Hunter 235 besting the big boy!
Once back in the marina it was a race to the showers and a chance to cool down. This record-breaking heat means you really have to keep a check on your core body temperature. Thank goodness for the bimini. Without it we would not be doing much sailing at all.  Dinner tonight was at Gibralter's where the outdoor dining in the shade of nearby trees was a relaxing place to recount our day's adventure. Of course we had to have some of their famous cherry bread pudding. We were not disappointed. The servings were huge and delicious.

Next up, a return to our marina for our traditional sunset viewing.

Back at the marina

More later.

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