Saturday, December 1, 2012

Annual To-Do List

Anyone who has ever owned a boat knows that they require constant repairs. Wind, water, sun, docking miscues and other operator errors all plot to keep the To-Do list growing. Add to that the owner's wish list of improvements and upgrades and you have a work list that runs off the first page.

The first items we put on our To-Do list are ALL the jobs from the previous list that we never got around to. You just have to remember that the list will never come to an actual end. It just keeps regenerating itself. So carry over items are just a fact of life in boat maintenance. Two years ago our To-Do list was so long that we assigned a priority level to each item. 'A' for high priority, 'B' for medium priority, 'C' for really don't need to do this but it is pretty cool and I'll probably do it first.

Last winter when we adopted Wrinkles, we once again had a pretty good sized To-Do list. She had been in a slip in Florida since she was new (1988) and the lines, fabric and wood all needed upgrading. Here is a copy of the list we put together at that time.

Com-Pac 23/3 To-Do List

Mast raising system DONE

Straps on bimini DONE

Throw pillows

Replace halyards. DONE

Add battery DONE

Wind vane DONE

Mast light DONE

Sew jib sacrificial

Outboard DONE

Varnish wood DONE

Rope organizer

Lunch anchor mount

iPad mount

Stove works?

V-berth cushion and sheets DONE

Cooler sized to fit under v-berth DONE

Porta-potty DONE

Interior wood cleaning DONE

Winch lube DONE


Order Wrinkles logo and hull #'s INSTALLED

Ladder steps(add wood) DONE

Depth sensor DONE

Add fourth posts to bunks on trailer

Fix trailer winch strap DONE

Tongue jack replacement DONE

Compass? DONE

Mast electrical upgrade WIRES IN, NEEDS NEW DECK FITTINGS

Spreader boots DONE

Quick tensioner on back stay

Quick connects for forward shrouds

Nicro fan cover

New flares

Fix gel coat by stern quarter PAINTED BOAT

Hatch trim and screen

Spare tire

Hey, we did pretty good on that list! We also did quite a few other jobs on Wrinkles that weren't on this list. Our wish list also contributed a new main sail, new Bimini cover (made on B's new heavy duty sewing machine) and a nice 12 volt fan in the cabin. So, when we picked her up she looked like this.

And this is how she looked afterwards.

Now that she is all tucked away for her winter beauty nap, we are dreaming of sailing and celebrating that old holiday tradition of making next years To-Do list.


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