Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas wish list

Oh baby could we write up a whopper!

We received an email from Brenda's sister and her husband yesterday asking for hints on what we would like for Wrinkles this Christmas. To be honest we didn't have much of a wish list (other than dreaming about a new headsail) since this fall has been a bit expensive. Weddings and college tuition seem to strain our meager income, so wishing for sailing goodies seemed out of the question. It was fun to think about what we would add to Wrinkles in 2013 if money wasn't a concern.

Our headsail is pretty sad and that is number one on our list. Unfortunately it is also big bucks.

Auto/manual inflate Coastal Life Vests. We have the typical life vests that every recreational boater has aboard and don't wear them as often as we should. We believe that the less cumbersome inflatables would encourage us to wear them more often.

Nicro Vent or similar. The cabin vent doesn't function anymore and the cover is cracked.

New galvanized chain to replace the well used 20' section on our anchor rode.

Well, you get the idea. We could write up a list that Santa would guffaw at and return to sender. Still, it is fun to dream.

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