Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Headsail Ordered

B and I ordered our Christmas/birthday/anniversary present. A brand new headsail for Wrinkles. This past summer we replaced the mainsail which was in pretty sad shape. After seeing how much difference that sail made in the handling of our 23 we knew we would soon be replacing the headsail.

We shopped around and asked for input from the Com-Pac Owners site members on suppliers for the mainsail. In the end we felt that FX Sails was the best option for us. The sail arrived on time as promised and met all our expectations. So when we decided it was time to add a new headsail we knew FX Sails was the place to go. We ordered a 115 which is setup for a CDI FF2 furler. The sacrificial is going to be Royal Blue to match the hull color.

Wrinkles is going to look pretty spiffy next spring with her new sails on. We're betting she will be more fun to sail as well.

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