Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas "Dummie"

Merry Christmas everyone. We hope you are having a safe and wonderful holiday with your family and friends. We are lucky this year because we get to see almost our entire family. One kid home from college, one from Ohio and one from Minnesota. Brenda's sister Karen and husband Peter drove all the way from central Alabama. Mike's sister Kim and her husband Roy came from Arkansas. Mike's younger sister Lisa and her husband Mike from Wisconsin and some nephews and nieces to boot. Our family is small these days, but we sure are spread out across the country.

So what did we get for Christmas you ask? As we posted earlier, we ordered a new 115 headsail for Wrinkles as a gift to each other. Santa gave Brenda a book on galley cooking. We received a Sodastream soda maker from the kids and two coastal self-inflating life vests from Karen and Peter.

Brenda also gave me a book on fishing which is appropriately titled, "Fishing For Dummies". Apparently my meager efforts at fishing the past two years didn't impress her. Gee, I've caught two entire fish in just two years of fishing. I'd considered that well above the "dummie" level.


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