Thursday, July 23, 2015

BVI Trip - Day 12

We snorkeled right off the boat in Hawksnest Bay. The water was 40' deep, yet we spied a stingray laying on the sand below us. The water is amazing.

The mooring balls here are $15 per night and Peter has a "snicker, snicker, snicker", Senior Card which means we only pay $7.50 per night. We ate all three meals aboard today to help average out the food budget after a couple major splurges this week. See, we can economize.

We we snorkeled to the beach using Brenda's brand new lightweight waterproof backpack to bring blankets, water bottles, etc. along with us. It was lightweight until we got to shore and found out how heavy a waterproof bag gets when it is completely full of water. I think Dick's Sporting Goods will be getting that backpack returned in a week or so.

We hiked around the area ending up at another lovely beach where Mike hung the backpack up on a tree branch so it would continue leaking the water out of the bottom seam. We found some great snorkeling areas which we explored until we started to get chilled.

We made our way back to the boat and headed out toward Maho Bay, St. John to pick up our mooring ball for the night. Each new day seems to bring a beautiful new bay where we swim, explore and absorb the beauty that surrounds us. This trip is so much more than we hoped for.



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