Sunday, July 5, 2015

The BVI Adventure Begins!

Lining Up (pic from return flight)

We are sitting in the airport in San Juan waiting (six hours) for our connecting flight and reflecting on the incredible adventure we just had. So many memories are floating around in our heads. Where to start.....

Three weeks ago we landed at this airport and were less than an hour from Ada, our boat for the next twenty days. Our flight from San Juan to Tortola was an adventure in itself. Our plane was an 8-seater. At check-in our bags were weighed and we had to declare our weights as well. After we walked out to the plane, we were lined up just like grade school gym class waiting to be picked. You see, since the plane was so small, they had to distribute the weight evenly. Mike and another guy were joking that they would be picked last and be seated right in the middle. They were right! One lady was deathly afraid of the small plane and unfortunately there was a storm that we had to pass night. As we bounced through the turbulence, she was heard to say, "Oh my god! Oh my god!" As Mike's head was bouncing off the roof, the pilot was observed to be filling out his logbook taking full advantage of the auto pilot. Upon landing, the fearful lady announced to her husband, "I'm never getting on one of those things again!" His response...."Well, how do you think we are getting back?" Welcome to Beef Island, Tortola, BVI.


Trellis Bay, Beef Island


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