Wednesday, July 15, 2015

BVI Trip - Days 3-4

Brenda's Favorite Bay Today


We spent a lazy day in the bay at Peter Island. Snorkeling, eating, reading and napping seemed to melt the day away. The only concern we seemed to have was the apparently aging house battery bank. Despite being very frugal with our electrical usage, the bank was always hungry for a recharge. The sound of the low battery alarm became a common sound aboard Ada. Mike is really happy he purchased multiple solar panels to install on Wrinkles when he gets back to her. Solar will be his nice quiet friend.

We decided to dinghy over to the little bar/grill called Ocean's 7 for a cold drink. Karen motored us across the bay and we enjoyed Mojitos, rum punch and cold beer. Later we grilled turkey burgers aboard to end another splendid day. This sailing life is hard work.

Karen "Dinghy Queen" and Brenda
Ocean's 7

The next morning we headed back to Pro Valor's base to get our dinghy outboard repaired and restock our food supply. The outboard was stuck in the lowered position which wouldn't allow us to beach the dinghy. Jim (Pro Valor) fixed us up and we headed back out of the bay. Our plan was to go to Trellis Bay for a walk around the bay, cold drinks and good food at Da' Loose Mongoose. Brenda played dinghy captain for the first time and she did it perfectly. One of her concerns was her ability to pull start an outboard which she was pleased to be able to do.

Captain of the Day - Peter

We marveled at all the experiences and joy we had already shared in just the first few days of this 20 day adventure. A nice sailboat, beautiful islands, clear blue waters, tasty food and great friends to share it with everyday. Life is good.


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