Friday, July 17, 2015

Downsizing Again?

Moving from a big house to a one bedroom apartment meant serious downsizing was in order. Our home had about 3600 sq. ft. of finished area, a large unfinished storage area in the basement, a separate 28' x 30' garage and 5 acres for us to store and collect way too much stuff. When we decided to put the house up for sale we thought we did an amazing job of reducing our belongings. We gave the kids what they wanted (and a few things they didn't want), sold stuff locally and on eBay, donated actual truckloads of items and threw out the unwanted stuff. Perfect. We are ready to sell and move.

Fast forward to the "Sold" sign out front with just 2 weeks to be out. Piece of cake. We already pared everything down, right? Well, two solid weeks of selling, hauling, dumping and delivering later we actually got it reduced to one 8' x 10' storage locker and our one bedroom apartment. Now we are ready to make the leap to a small sailboat in 5 months. We are exhausted, but happy.

In just 8 days from now we need to be out of our little apartment with everything we own fitting in one Toyota 4Runner SUV. Guess what we are doing again?

Tools and Mementos Being Sorted


Mike fully crammed the truck with family pictures and mementos for the 11 hour drive to Calico Rock, Arkansas for storage at his sister's antique store. Our storage locker is emptied. Now the serious downsizing begins. Our living room is a disaster while we spread out items to be separated into sell, give-away or take piles. Haven't we done this once before?

Too many tools. Too many clothes. Too many pairs of shoes. (Although our friend Jim would debate this one.) Too much kitchen stuff. Too many CD's. TOO MUCH STUFF!

When we arrive at our sailboat in a couple of weeks, we will probably be thinking, "Why did we bring so much stuff!" That's OK, we are really good at downsizing.

Home sweet tiny home



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