Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Dinghy Sort Of Day

The dinghy parade

Yesterday we joined three other couples for a ride in our dinghies. Don and Gail (Island Tyme), Lee and Eileen (Enchantress), James and Stacey (Glass Slipper) boarded their dinghies while we fired up The Ernie T for an afternoon of fun.

Don and Gail / James and Stacey

We putt-putted into the nearby canals and bays while enjoying sightseeing from the water. We had beautiful weather with plenty of warm sunshine. Eventually James and Stacey took the lead taking us out near the Clearwater Pass to a quiet sandy beach. What a perfect spot to beach our dinghies and eat a light picnic lunch with our toes in the sand.

Does it get any better than this?

Once everyone had wandered the beach and eaten their lunches we boarded our trusty little boats and headed out to find a cool drink. We thought we could dock behind Frenchy's building, but the dock master told us that the barnacles on their docks would tear up our rubber boats. Their loss, we had eight people ready to patronize their business, but I guess 8 foot boats aren't what they want their docks used for. Lee and Eileen took the lead and headed us across the bay to an alternate spot they knew about.

Lee and Eileen

Island Way turned out to be much more accommodating. The docks were empty and perfect for our little boats. The bartender even opened the bar 30 minutes early so we could belly up and order our much anticipated cool drinks. Don showed what a great sport he was by buying the first round when we reminded him the last boat to arrive was supposed to buy. (Don has a 15 hp outboard while the other three boats had 5,4 and 2.5 hp outboards.) Obviously he could have lapped us many times if he wished.

Yup, a dinghy sort of day indeed. Dang this is fun!



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