Thursday, March 3, 2016

Enjoying Clearwater

Clearwater Beach Marina

We decided to just relax and enjoy Clearwater Beach Marina instead of pushing on southward. We have taken nice long walks around the area and along the beautiful beach, biked around the area, stopped at a couple of outdoor bar/restaurants for a cold drink and met some wonderful people.

The 2 for 1 Crew

We are getting to know Don and Gail aboard their lovingly restored Endeavour sailboat as well as Lee and Eileen aboard their robust Choy Lee sailboat. Sharing drinks, meals and laughter with these fun people reminds us why we wanted to go cruising in the first place. Listening to all the life experiences within the group seems to have us all laughing so hard our sides hurt. It is really special to have three cruising sailboats parked next to each other with crews that get along so well. Today we all boarded a local trolley together at 1 o'clock to go into downtown Clearwater for lunch. The 2 for 1 happy hour was well abused as we laughed the afternoon away. We ate a nice meal with our drinks and eventually settled our bills to leave. We made it as far as the next table when someone suggested another 2 for 1 drink before we left. We settled into the new table and started all over again. Brenda and I need to practice drinking if we are going to keep up with this crowd.

Tomorrow Brenda and I plan on taking the bus to Dunedin for a day of exploring.


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  1. Wonderful yarn you are weaving. 2 for 1 happy hour? If you need coaching, maybe I can help!