Sunday, March 20, 2016

Wood Spirit Carving

Our new friends Don and Gail (Island Tyme) had seen a few of Mike's carvings aboard Wrinkles and hatched the idea of finding some driftwood for Mike. They went for a bike ride and walk to the north tip of Clearwater Beach where they came across a 3 foot long stick that had some interesting knots and grains in it. Don strapped the stick to his bike and brought it back to our boat.

Mike cut a couple of 12 inch long sections from the stick and carved a simple dolphin in the knot on one piece. In the second piece Mike decided to make use of the interesting knots to create a rather different wood spirit. As you can see it turned out odd, quirky or maybe even a bit strange. Mike gave the wood spirit to Don and Gail as a good luck charm for their sailboat. They named him, "Woody the Drifter". It certainly is a one of a kind.

May that odd wood spirit bring them luck and safe adventures in their travels.



  1. Love these carvings!!! Mike, you are so talented!

  2. You are really carving out a niche for yourself in the cruising world!