Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dunedin, Florida

Last Friday was our day to do Dunedin, so we hopped on the Jolley Trolley that took us to the bus station. From there we took the bus to Dunedin. See how good we are getting at public transportation! The bus dropped us off right by the Farmer's Market where we found good coffee and good smells. There were a few jewelery stands, but mostly fresh produce.

Cap'n Bob

Next stop was the Dunedin Marina. This is where Mike and Jim picked up our original Wrinkles. While they were there they had chatted with Bob Lamb, a fellow Com-Pac sailor. We wanted to see if he was around, and sure enough he was sitting in the cockpit of his boat. He remembered Mike and they immediately started talking boats. Bob had converted his Com-Pac 23 sloop into a salty Pilothouse. It was fun to run into an old friend and spend time with him. We are hoping this happens more and more as we travel.

We were disappointed that the museum was charging a fee, so we didn't get a history lesson. (Boy are we getting cheap!) However, from our friend Google, we found that Dunedin was originally settled by Scottish Citrus farmers and because of it large docks, became a major shipping city. Today it is a laid back waterfront town with several small independent shops with very few large buildings blocking the view. We enjoyed wandering in and out of the shops and the sense of humor that some of the businesses had. When we saw Casa Tina, we texted Tina to see if she thought we should stop. "Of course!" was her reply. Good choice. The food was excellent (Chicken Burrito and Pablano Burrito Mole) and the interior design was even better. They had a magnificent lighting fixture that was made out of metal geodesic globes that had designs cut in them that let the light shine through. There were floating stars interspersed as well. It was absolutely beautiful. There were also velvet curtains with silk ropes suspended from the ceiling. Mike remembers from his previous visit that at night, ladies do an acrobatic show. (Some memories of Jim and Mike's previous trip are a bit fuzzy.)

Casa Tina

There was a one-woman band playing at the farmer's market, so we wandered back and listened to her sing and play her guitar. It made for easy listening and nice relaxation.

Soon enough we were back on the bus heading back to the boat. But our day wasn't over. We ended up on a neighbor's boat for cocktails which led to hor d'oeuvres of mussels (yes we ate them and they were ok) which led to a community dinner of garlic shrimp in penne pasta. Each boat contributed a little something to the pot. It was fun to get together and hear everyone's stories.

Home Sweet Home

Needless to say, we were exhausted, but content! Ahhhh....such is the cruising life.



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