Saturday, March 12, 2016

This Life Is Fun

Spring Breakers have arrived at Clearwater Beach. The change from last week to this is dramatic. The beach has gone from quiet to crowded and the average age has plummeted from 70 to 20. Obviously we could still pass for 20-something's, but we decided to find a less crowded area. We jumped on our bikes and pedaled over the Clearwater Pass Bridge to Sand Key. The view from the top of the bridge was extraordinary. The different shades of emerald made it very clear where the channels and shoals were.

Sand Key Beach has shells everywhere! It got hard to walk by the water's edge because there were so many. The sound as the waves came up over the shells was indescribable. We also saw various sponges (thanks to our trip to Tarpon Springs we could recognize them for what they were), a starfish and a sea snake skeleton. We hadn't really planned for a beach day, so we will have to return with our umbrella, towels and a bag for shells.

Upon our arrival back at the boat, the winds had settled and the back bay was smoothing out. Perfect for dinghy cruising! We tapped on the hull of Enchantress two boats down and asked if they wanted to join us. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" was Eileen's response. So off we putted. We explored some of the nearby channels and marveled at some of the houses. We even saw a turtle floating along. Later we cruised under the bridge to explore a little bit of Mandalay Channel. Lee and Eileen were like teenagers on a great date grinning non-stop.

Lee and Eileen
The Ernie T

Tomorrow we might need to stay out of the sun. Shoulders and noses were a little red by the end of the day, but it was worth it. We are using SPF 50 and wearing hats, but this Florida sun packs a whollop. Mike did it again, he took me to someplace beautiful!



  1. I just stumbled onto your blog, love it! You are living the life I've been dreaming about! Say hi to Mike from Vicki at West Marine in Madison!

    1. Thanks Vicki. So glad you found our little blog. We left Madison with many fond memories of sailing on Lake Mendota. We sold almost everything we owned and packed our SUV with what little we still had left. Haven't regretted it for a moment.