Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Day of Fishin'

Our friends Roger and Peggy aboard Never Say Never invited us to go out fishing for the day on their boat. Mike is a beginner fisherman and is eager to learn. Brenda has never even had a license. We biked over to K-Mart to renew Mike's license and purchase Brenda's first ever fishing license. After meeting Roger ashore to pick up some shrimp for bait we all boarded Never Say Never and headed out onto the Atlantic.

Roger's plan was to skip the trolling this trip and go to a "snapper hole" for some fun. We had a lovely ride out toward Vaca Cut on really smooth seas. After anchoring right over a submerged wreck all four of us baited our hooks and tossed the lines in the water. It was a little slow going at first, but the action soon picked up. We caught puffers, grunts, pinfish, yellowtail snapper, Lane snapper and Brenda even brought in one grouper. It was really fun seeing Brenda catch her first fish as she danced and yelled during the battle. Roger was having so much fun watching us rookies catching fish that he rarely dipped his hook in the water. Thanks for being such a good teacher Roger.

Brenda with her grouper.

After we exhausted our supply of shrimp we hoisted the anchor and started motoring toward the setting sun enjoying the beautiful view. It is so much fun to spend time with Roger and Peggy.

Once we were back aboard Wrinkles Mike cleaned two Lane Snappers for our dinner. Brenda added butter and lemon pepper on the fish and then wrapped them up in aluminum foil for the outdoor grill. After making up some coleslaw, carrots and fresh drinks we sat down to a wonderful snapper dinner. Pretty cool way to end a great day.


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  1. Now that DOES sound like fun! Great to meet you folks at Keys Fisheries Bar last night - fun time had by all!