Sunday, January 8, 2017

Having Fun With Jim and Joni

Jim and Joni arrived in Marathon on New Years Eve and we’ve been having a ball spending time with them. The New Years Eve celebration aboard Wrinkles was a perfect start to their visit. Since then we have checked out several happy hours, explored Bahia Honda State Park, gone fishing, played basketball, eaten ice cream, listened to live music, watched sunsets, dinghy cruised, watched Wisconsin Badger and Green Bay Packer games and eaten appetizers at several local restaurant or as Jim calls it, "Appedining". There may have even been a Drambuie or two shared. Not bad for the first week of their three week visit.

Fishing at Bahia Honda State Park
Sunset from Burdines Restaurant
Having dinner and drinks at Keys Fisheries with Roger, Peggy, Bret and Theresa

This afternoon we are going to their rental condo to watch the Green Bay Packer playoff game. Of course we will have to switch back and forth to the Wisconsin Badger basketball game that is on at the same time.

What else is on the to do list? Jim will be helping us install our new dinghy davits and remounting the solar panel on top of them next week. Mike and Jim are also going to help Roger remove his diesel generator from his boat and hopefully do some repairs to it. When the weather permits Roger and Peggy have offered to take us out for some deep water fishing. Maybe a day trip to Key West. There goes week two!


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