Monday, January 30, 2017

The Ernie T Gets an Upgrade

New outboard with Doel Fin wings installed.

We upgraded the Ernie T with a bigger outboard and then hydrofoil fins to help it get up on plane. Originally we had installed a new 4 hp four stroke Tohatsu for coastal cruising. We knew this was about the biggest motor we could leave on the dinghy when we raised it on the davits. The little 4 hp has served us wonderfully, but we will soon want a full speed dinghy. Since we replaced the dinghy davits with a beefier set from Martek we figured we could now install a larger outboard which should get the dinghy up on plane.

New Martek davits
150 watt solar panel.
We modified the solar mount to allow it to pivot.
Added stern rail supports to help with the weight.

After installing the new 9.8 hp four stroke Tohatsu on the Ernie T we were a bit disappointed that it wasn't able to get us on plane. Mike added a set of Doel Fin hydrofoil wings to the outboard and we are happy to say that the Ernie T is now getting up on plane. This will make it so much nicer to go dinghy exploring in the future. It will open up lots of new areas for us to zip around. Mike has a little re-routing to do on the solar cables now that everything is in place.

Brenda also did some modifying on the chaps, but she'll post about that later.



  1. Say... ou don't still have the old David's, do you? We're desperate for a light set for Sionna... Let us know!