Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sombrero Key Snorkeling

Roger at the helm.

Roger and Peggy aboard Never Say Never invited us for a morning snorkeling trip out to Sombrero Key. We eagerly accepted as we both love to snorkel. After tying The Ernie T up on their mooring ball the four of us motored out the channel for the quick 4-5 mile trip to the Sombrero Key Light.

Peggy doing line handling duties.

The Sombrero Key light was put in service in 1858, automated in 1960, and is still in operation. It marks the Sombrero Reef which has some of the best snorkeling in Florida. There are several mooring balls for day use located right at the best snorkeling area which protects the reef from boat anchors.

Sombrero Light

As soon as we picked up the mooring ball all four of us put on our fins, masks and snorkels. The water was down to 73 degrees, so we expected it to be a bit chilly when we jumped in. The water was indeed a bit on the nippy side, but the show that greeted us underwater quickly made us forget we were cold. Wow! Fish of every size, color and shape surrounded us immediately. The palms and other vegetation were colorful as well.

Brenda happy to be snorkeling again.
Beautiful French Angel Fish

The reef features large crevices and mounding which creates a gorgeous landscape. When you are underwater watching the colorful fish feeding and swimming through the swaying vegetation it is truly magical. We snorkeled for a good hour until the chilly water started to feel a bit too chilly.

You have to really look to see this 20" long fish.
Parrot fish
Bar Jack

Thank you Roger and Peggy for sharing a wonderful morning with us.


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