Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Key West

Brenda and Joni at Mallory Square

Yesterday we rode in Jim and Joni's freshly washed black Lexus to Key West for a day of wandering. After parking between the Conch Republic restaurant and Kermit's Key West Key Lime Shoppe we began a day of walking and sightseeing in bright sunshine and a cool 73 degree temperature. I guess we have been down south for a while now as 73 degrees should not feel cool to people from Wisconsin. As we said in a previous post, "Instant weather wusses."

Despite the fact two cruise ships were in port the shops and restaurants really weren't too busy. We checked out Mallory Square and plan to bring Mom, Karen, John, Brittnie, Tina, Matt and Kelley here for a sunset celebration when they visit later this week.

We ate lunch at Caroline's Restaurant enjoying the people watching from our outside table. The food was quite good, reasonably priced and the portions were huge. We wandered the streets and shops enjoying our time with our good friends. We went on the hunt for the building Jim and Joni stayed at a long time ago. Jim's usual great sense of direction and memory made our hunt a success. The building is now a private property, so we didn't get to see the inside though. We did get to see some beautiful houses and colorful trees like the one in the following picture.

After lunch the bars started featuring live music, so we walked along to find a good spot for a cool drink and some good tunes. Sloppy Joe's was the winner. This venerable old bar has been around a long time. The walls are covered in Hemingway photos and articles including the very appropriate article above Jim's head in the following photo.

We found two business names that seemed to fit our little group.

As usual Tomas was along for a good time. Here he is enjoying a refreshing little cocktail at Sloppy Joe's.

Another fun and relaxing day spent with good friends.

When we returned to Jim's freshly washed car he saw that the Key West birds had done a fine job of leaving souvenirs on it. Joni has been on a search for the green parrots that are supposed to be plentiful in the Keys, so she was sure the souvenirs were from them.


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