Sunday, June 17, 2012

All Work and No Play

Why are we not on the water this weekend!!??  Oh that's right...sometimes you have to work in order to play.

Mike was on call this weekend, so we were grounded.  We decided that as long as we couldn't go sailing, we might as well make some money, so we had a garage sale.  We haven't thinned out the junk (treasures) since we built the house 16 years ago plus five years in the previous house.  There was lots that needed to go.  So, for the past several weeks, in our spare time,  we have been hauling stuff out to the garage. Remember the big garage Mike built for the boat?  It was full.  Golf clubs, water toys, kids toys, sporting equipment,  and tools... lots of tools. 

It was plenty of work, but it paid off.  Now all we  have to do is decide what to do with the money.  Perhaps we should buy a new cooler that fits the boat - one that will stay cold for more than a day.  We need new fenders.  Squint, the famous dinghy, needs rubrails.  We could use a screen for the hatch.  A new spinnaker would be nice......  Guess we need another garage sale.

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