Thursday, June 7, 2012

Painting Sucks

Wrinkles looks better with her new Royal Blue hull, but the results are somewhere between mediocre and OK. The Interlux Perfection two part paint I used is better suited to roll and tip application than spraying. Still I wanted to spray the hull after trying the roll and tip method on the top stripe with mixed results. I struggled to get the right viscosity to produce a good finish, but all in all I think she will look pretty good.

First Coat
The color looks awesome and B finally has that blue boat I promised her. Painting a boat outside isn't ideal, but sometimes it is our only option. So even though she won't have a showroom finish she will still be a pretty sight sailing across the water. I have heard people call their boats a "10". If you stand 10 feet away she is beautiful. So when you see Wrinkles, please stay back a few feet.

Second Coat
What a pretty bow!
I have started to put the gold striping and logos on and that really dresses things up. We need to get the Wrinkles graphic ordered and the registration numbers installed. The final step will be to clean off the ugly reddish bottom paint and put some nice white bottom paint on her.

Striping and logo go on

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