Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Primer Coat Done

The winds have finally taken a couple of days off at the same time that the temperatures are good enough for painting. I was able to prep the hull a few weeks ago, but it has been a long wait for a weather window to finish the job. I covered the boat with tarps, plastic, paper and tape to the point you can't tell there is a boat underneath.

I used the roll-and-tip method on the top stripes and transom with less than stellar results. OK, but not the kind of work I like to do. So I broke out the spray gun and put 2 coats of two-part Interlux primer on the hull. I used some 220 grit sandpaper to smooth it out and it is ready for some royal blue Interlux Perfection paint. If the weather continues to cooperate I will be putting a coat or two on her tomorrow.

I have some 1/2" gold striping to apply where the blue meets the top white stripe. Additionally I ordered and received some gold Com-Pac logos from Hutchins Sailboats to dress her up. We just recently received the title and registration from the state, but they still haven't mailed out our registration sticker.

This is what we are working on for the new artwork on the sides of the hull. What do you think?

Anxious to finally see Wrinkles with her blue hull. Brenda will certainly be happy with this improvement. I promised her a blue hulled boat 2 boats ago.

We'll have to decide which version of the boat renaming ceremonies we want to perform. Have to keep those sea gods happy.

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