Sunday, June 10, 2012

Family Time

We didn't get any sailing or boat repairs done this weekend. It was a weekend to spend time with all three of our kids, Brenda's sister from Alabama, Mom, and my oldest son's girlfriend. We traveled to Minneapolis so the gals could attend my daughter Tina's wedding shower and the boys could entertain her fiancé.

The gals had a great party and the boys went out to play some golf. It seems so rare to gather our small family in one place as we have spread out across the country. We have been blessed to raise such great, happy, friendly children. Tina and Tony will be getting married in August with the festivities taking place on a big riverboat.


Left to right: Brenda's sister Karen, John our oldest, John's girlfriend Brittnie, our beautiful daughter Tina, fiancé Tony, youngest son Matt, Mom

My oldest son John and his girlfriend drove all the way from Ohio to Wisconsin and then up to Minneapolis just to attend his sister's shower. Tells you a lot about the kind of people they are. John took Friday off to accomplish all that driving and it was his first day off in over a year. It was fun for me to spend time with the boys. Matt is a fun loving 19 year old gentleman and fiancé Tony is a really great guy to add to the family. Spending time with my oldest son John I realized that I no longer thought of him as my kid. He had become a man that I respected and loved.

Now it is time to get back to work on Wrinkles!



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