Monday, June 11, 2012

She's a Hot 24 Year Old!

For her 24th birthday, Wrinkles got a make-over with a blue paint job, stripes, registration numbers and logo. She's beeeeauuuuutiful now. She's everything Brenda wanted. Putting the Wrinkles logo on brought a grin to both of our faces. She is really OUR boat now. When we are on the lakes, people will know who she is.

This is what she looked like when we first picked her up. Brenda's never been fond of the brown stripe, and you all know, she always told Mike he could buy any boat as long as it was blue. Thus a repaint was necessary.


Here she is in all her new finery.



We really like the new registration numbers with the gold shadow accent. It really makes them pop!

We are not too fond of the green registration sticker, but....oh well. (you would think that the DNR would allow for custom orders hehe).

So now our hot 24 year old gal is sporting a pretty new look and is anxious to hit the water so she can strut her stuff.

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