Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Is that still on the boat?

 As we are getting ready to pack up for a long weekend, I thought I would share our check list. (Actually I am procrastinating on working on the cushions).   We print this off if it has been awhile since we were last on the boat.  It is amazing how things travel on and off the boat without our remembering it.  We leave the list out on the kitchen counter and as we load something on or notice it is already on, we check it off the list.  We use the empty space on the right to add any notes to ourselves about this particular trip.  For instance, if we need to confirm reservations at a marina, we will jot ourselves a reminder.  

This system definitely isn't anything fancy or scientific, but it has saved us on several occasions.  No one wants to arrive at the ramp and then remember the rudder is in the garage.  Feel free to modify for your needs.

 Fair winds to you all over the 4th!

Brenda (grudgingly heading toward the sewing machine)

                            Sailboat Checklist
_____  insulated mugs
_____  ipod
_____  stereo
_____  registration info in boat
_____  garbage can
_____  spare tire
_____  rudder
_____  bug spray
_____  sun screen
_____  port-a-potty chemicals
_____  bottle opener
_____  flashlight
_____  netbook
_____  oil for truck
_____  tools - lug wrench
_____  keys to boat
_____  phone chargers
_____  netbook charger
_____  Kindle charger
_____  stereo charger
_____  Kindle
_____  long rope
_____  wet-ones
_____  washcloth in baggie
_____  snorkel gear
_____  MacGyver w/ corkscrew
_____  gloves
_____  towels - bath/beach
_____  towels - grubby boat
_____  sport camera
_____  digital camera
_____  long extension cord
_____  sheets & blanket
_____  toiletries
_____  tilley hat
_____  B’s cowboy hat
_____  journal
_____  lawn chairs
_____  bimini
_____  water - lots of extra when it is hot
_____  oars for Squint
_____  air freshener

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