Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Check Another One Off The List

Cruising is many things to many people. We are still working on what it means to us. We have a "bucket list" of experiences that might be included in that definition. One of those items is to partake in a dockside gathering where someone plays a guitar and the attendees sing along....kind of like a campfire sing-a-long. We are happy to report that we can check that item off our list.

A couple nights ago, James and Stacey on Glass Slipper, provided the entertainment and ambiance. Stacey has a disco chandelier on board that she brought dockside to provide the perfect lighting. It should be noted that the light was hung from a boat hook attached to a dock piling. Kind of "Cruiser Chic".

James pulled out his guitar and amazed us with his voice and playing abilities. We had to help out with some of the words, but that was part of the fun! Don aboard Island Tyme even added a nice percussion section tapping out the rhythms on a 5 gallon plastic bucket.

This crew has been so much fun to spend time with. We are avoiding any conversations that involve moving on. We sure will miss all these fun folks, but the memories will last forever.


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