Sunday, April 3, 2016

What's the Weather

VHF Weather Broadcasts

As several of our boating neighbors are contemplating making the jump north across the Gulf, we are reminded of how lucky we are to have all the weather information we do. How scary it must have been for sailors of yesteryear. Today we have broadcasts on VHF, radio and TV (sometimes with questionable accuracy). But there is so much more than that available via websites and apps. We tend to look at numerous sources whenever we are deciding on our next move or anchorage.


NOAA Marine Weather.

NOAA screenshot


Passage Weather

Passage Weather screenshot


Marv's Weather Service

Marv's Weather Service screenshot screenshot



These websites show us wind speed, wind direction, wave height, and wave period (time between waves), pressure systems and so much more.



Radarscope App

RadarScope App Screenshot


Pocket Grib App gives us current and predicted wind direction and speed for anywhere in the world.

PocketGrib screenshot


BouyWeather App

BouyWeather App screenshot


Windfinder App

Windfinder Screenshot



There are people who have services that you can subscribe to who will analyze all the data and make suggestions for passage based on your boat size, crew capabilities and comfort level. One fun one is provided by the Great Loopers. He doesn't fill your head with lots of numbers. He just says things like, "If you are sitting in Clearwater and wanting to head north, you might just as well find a nice restaurant. "Eddie's Weather Wags" is available to AGLCA (America's Great Loop Cruiser's Association) members.

Of course, none of these are perfect by themselves. As a result, weather is always a part of any conversation between sailors. And there are always several opinions!



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