Friday, April 22, 2016

Final Days in Clearwater

Proper beach dancing attire

For just a minute we need to jump back in time to Clearwater. We didn't share about the awesome festival that Clearwater held on the beach (to honor our leaving?). There were three days of festivities, but the best for us were the free dances held on the beach.

Eileen enjoying life

The first night was a reggae band with members from all over the Caribbean. We couldn't hold still..the music was jivin' mon. There was one barely four year old boy next to us who really had some moves! All of us around him were cheering him on. When the lead singer asked for volunteers for a dance contest, he ran right up front and started shaking. Wow could that little guy go! We see a dancing career in young Enrique's future.

Tom, Molly, Stacey, James

The second night was a funk rock band out of Orlando. Their first set has us dancing again. What fun to feel the sand in our toes (sorry Tina) while the Gulf breeze kept us cool. At 9 o'clock the band started playing "I Just Want To Celebrate" and then the fireworks started. Literally. There was a 20 minute fireworks display being set off from the end of Pier 60. Incredible!!

On Sunday evening, the night before everyone was scheduled to leave and go their separate ways, we had a pot luck dinner on the dock. Glass Slipper prepared a London Broil on the grill. Mike grilled the Mahi Mahi that the fishing boat near us donated. Liza, Wrinkles and Nemeid provided salads, Enchantress supplied potato salad, Island Tyme brought brownies and Tom and Molly brought Mac and cheese and Key Lime Pie. All the food was set out in Glass Slipper's cockpit for a serve yourself feast. Lots of laughing and some tears as we prepared to say goodbye to this incredible group of people. It will be hard to beat the comraderie we felt here.

Buffet dock party
Mahi Mahi



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