Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What Do We Do All Day?

Dinghy Cruising (Don, Gail, Stacey, James)
A common question asked is, "What do you guys do all day?" All we can say is the weeks fly by while we are busy having fun. Some days we have plans with other cruisers to walk the beach, go out to eat, go fishing, take the bus system to another town/West Marine/marine salvage yard, enjoy a happy hour, eat aboard one of the boats, have a dock party, go dinghy cruising........... Some days we just get up and decide what to do. Read a book, watch Netflix, undertake a boat project, carve a piece of wood, do the laundry, go to the grocery store or nothing at all.

Canal Cruising

Finding our own little paradise island
Lunch and drinks in the shade
Brenda, Eileen, James, Mary (front to back)

Gumbo night on Enchantress

We had Gumbo Night aboard Lee and Eileen's Choey Lee. Eileen is from the New Orleans area and makes what is possibly the best gumbo in the world. L to R (Mike, Brenda, Lee, Stacey, James, Mary, David)

Jessie and Brenda

We even get a rare treat once in a while when friends come to find us. Wayne and Jessie (Wisconsinites) joined us for a fun day of hiking, lunch and chatting. Later today a sailing friend from Illinois is coming by for a short visit.

See, we're not just out here goofing off. We have a busy schedule.



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  1. You're obviously way too busy. I'll be right down to lend a hand! Hey- what are friends for?