Friday, April 29, 2016

"Keep Gulfport Weird"

Wrinkle's crew

Friday, April 22, 2016

Keep Gulfport Weird is the logo for this town. We decided to see what it was all about. We loaded our bikes into the dinghy (a first for us) and headed into town. The first road we took led us right to a park that was a nature conservancy. As soon as we entered we saw Ibis and Roseated Spoonbills walking through the shallows looking for food.


On the other side of the path was a turtle fuzzy with green algae. New to us were the common Gallinue. They have a smushed red beak and black body. Mom, dad and chicks were fun to watch.

Common Gallinue


The park road lead to the main drag where the usual businesses were found. However, the area between the Main Street and the beach was so much fun!


There were brick paved streets and several live oaks with hanging moss. The area is hard to describe. No two houses were alike. Some were cottages, some artsy, some 50's modern and others with a Greek influence. Nothing appeared to be less than 25-50 years old and there was a variety of socio-economic levels in close proximity to each other. One common thread was the proliferation of vegetation. Huge live oaks with Spanish moss hanging down, palm trees, bushes and vines. You name is the common denominator here. Some yards were more polished than others, but they all had yards filled with foliage. Farther along our trek the sidewalk turned into another park with several sculptures along the path. Some were mosaic, others metal or glass. This park is where they have a bi-monthly art fair.

Iron Giant Proposing to Brenda

We loved this "weird" little town full of life and art. At the end of the day took our bikes and dinghy back to our anchorage. Once there we took a solar shower and fixed pork roast and potatoes in the pressure cooker. We watched a trail of storms move just to the northwest of us. We are getting used to being anchored again after too many nights in a marina.



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