Saturday, April 16, 2016

Even Chores Can Be An Adventure

Needing parts to install a replacement inverter, we decided to combine the trip with some other necessary chores. Some might think a 14 mile ride on itty-bitty folding bikes would be something to dread. Since we enjoy biking and some exercise we look at this as an adventure. Brenda made up some sandwiches and filled up our water bottles for a picnic lunch during our ride. Two bikes, two backpacks, suntan lotion and away we go.

We stopped at two auto parts stores for boat thingies, Michael's to purchase some Velcro and then headed off to the worst store in the world to Mike. Yes, the cell phone shop. We have older Verizon issued cell phones and wanted to see if we could get a cheaper plan with more data. The best we could do without signing up for a contract (not happening) was to reduce our plan by $27/month and gain about 4 gigs of data. It wasn't as good as we hoped for, but it was free which we liked.

Since our tummies were starting to growl we looked for a nice shady spot to eat our picnic lunch. Very near the Verizon store there is a small park dedicated to saving a beautiful Camphor tree. The park has nice benches spread out in the shade of this amazing tree. What a perfect spot to park our bikes and enjoy our lunch.

Refreshed and ready to pedal some more, we headed to West Marine for the final parts Mike needed to complete the inverter install. Success! We had everything on our list and it was time to make our way back home to Wrinkles. We needed to rest up for tonight's group outing to a free beach concert. Reggae music on the beach! Sweet! More about that later.


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  1. I feel so bad that you've been sentenced to this life of hard labor. My attorneys are preparing an appeal as we speak!!! Hahahaha!!!