Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Little Progress

Doesn't look like $275 worth of red paint!


We've been in Port Charlotte, Florida for five days and we have only driven on 3 roads. Drive from the motel to Lowe's to West Marine to the boat - repeat. The interior is looking much better, but we are still removing the odors created from long term storage in Florida's heat. The bottom paint project is going along nicely with all the prep work done and one coat of paint applied. Tomorrow we should have a second coat applied which should do the trick.

One issue remaining is the cutlass bearing replacement. The vendor who was scheduled to have this job completed before we arrived decided they couldn't do the job. They want to have the boat lifted in order to drop the rudder before doing their work. This would add several hundred dollars to the bill which we don't want to pay. Our plan is to wait for an unsuspecting friend from Wisconsin to arrive shortly and become my "Very Small Work Area Assistant". This means he will climb down into the engine compartment, fold into a tiny pretzel shape and put a wrench on two nuts. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? Don't tell Jim about his new job title until he leaves Wisconsin please.

We are about tired of peanut butter sandwiches, so we are cleaning up tonight for date night. Geez, I haven't had one cold beer since arriving in Florida! We need to fix that.


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