Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sweet Rewards


Brenda and I have been joined by our friends Jim and Joni in Port Charlotte. They arrived Sunday after driving a long, long way to Punta Gorda. Their route of Wisconsin to Kentucky to Wisconsin to Punta Gorda included one blown motor near Kentucky and a rental truck/trailer trip back to Wisconsin to drop off their dead Audi and renting a car for the return trip.

Jim and Joni rented a very nice 3 bedroom house with a pool in Punta Gorda. So Brenda and I are roughing it each night with a pool, comfy bed, air conditioning, great food and enjoying time with our favorite people.

Since Jim worked so hard to get here we let him work down in the bilge of our boat on his first day here. 95 degrees, humidity measured in quarts, sweating, sitting on a diesel motor, head between his knees....... Geez, how lucky is he?
Jim did an amazing job of being "Mike's Trained Monkey" as a boat contractor referred to him. He managed to squeeze down into the diesel compartment and remove all the dripless seal components, flanges and cutlass housing bolts. Between the two of us we had the cutlass bearing housing removed from the boat by lunch time. We took a well deserved lunch break meeting our lovely wives at Gators Bar and Grill before returning to the boat to remove the ugly diesel stove from the galley.

A good days work followed by a cool swim and a really nice supper prepared by Jim at the rental house. A few refreshments and a celebratory Drambuie. Truly some sweet rewards.



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