Sunday, August 23, 2015

Adventure It Is!

After a long hot day aboard, the daily mid afternoon thunderstorm rolled in looking like the usual sort. The wind picked up to the point we started making preparations for a strong blow. The intense thunderstorm took us by surprise with a violent, nasty chop with wind gusts exceeding 40 mph. Letting out additional chain and adding a rope snubber to the chain were wise decisions. The second anchor was moved to the bow in case we started dragging.

After an hour of this uncomfortable storm we popped our heads up to see how our three neighboring boats had come through. One of the three was being towed away from the shore after dragging all the way in. The others looked like us, pretty much holding our spots. Later we talked to the captain of a nearby ketch who was wondering how we were after the storm. Cliff said he has a 3 foot by 4 foot Fisherman's anchor and stayed well set. Our new 44 lb. Rocna and about 160 feet of 5/16" chain did the job for us.

This learning curve is a little faster than we anticipated, but we remain safe and happy. Let's get this diesel fixed and move on.


  1. Glad to hear you weathered your first storm. This is fun to watch your adventures..... Lots of Love - be safe!

  2. Thanks for following!! Hope all is well in Wisconsin.