Monday, August 17, 2015

We Splash Tomorrow!

Ready to splash!

Along with our amazing friends Jim and Joni we have sweated our way through the quick refit on Wrinkles. We have painted the bottom, replaced the cutlass bearing, replaced the dripless shaft seal, checked over numerous boat systems, removed a worn out staysail furler, replaced our dinghy, bought an outboard, installed new boat logos, drained and refilled the fresh water tanks, repaired sails, replaced the stern light, sealed hatches, replaced a port window, replaced the Yanmar belts, added a solar panel, added padding to the V-berth, installed a gas grill, installed a Wi-Fi range extender antenna, put registration numbers on the dinghy, replaced the bilge pump float switch, removed the diesel stove, cleaned and painted the prop, .............

Wrinkles in process
Brenda repairing the mainsail
Jim in his favorite spot
Can I come out yet?
Joni working on the Ernie T

In between all these projects we drove the 4Runner up to Orange Beach for storage and then drove back down to our boat in a rental car. Sounds like fun doesn't it? Actually we had plenty of fun, food and laughter with Jim and Joni both at their nice rental house and wandering about some of their favorite places in this area.


Casey Key Fish House watching the PGA finale.

The refit has been hot and tiring, but having our great friends sweating by our sides has made it so much more fun. We love you guys and can't imagine our lives without you.


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  1. She looks great! Now you can start to relax and enjoy your adventure.