Friday, August 28, 2015

Six Hour Walk To Ace Hardware

Since we don't have a car, we walk or bike wherever we go these days. Yesterday afternoon the plan was to walk to the hardware store in between rain showers. As soon as the sun popped out we headed out toward the store which is less than a mile away. We were disappointed when the store didn't have the 4 stroke engine oil we need for "The Ernie T". Onward we strutted toward West Marine, arriving just minutes before they closed at 6 o'clock. Success, we have oil.

TT's Tiki Hut


The rain clouds seemed to have dissipated, so we headed out toward the waterfront near Tamiami Trail. We decided to walk to TT's Tiki Hut for some live music and a drink. The drinks were cold and the music was tropical. We sat in their colorful adirondack chairs and enjoyed the atmosphere for a while before venturing along the harbor walk toward Hurricane Charley's to see what kind of music they had playing. Scoring a great outside table in the shade we listened to a very talented 3 man group called High Tide. The sunset developed into a splendid mixture of clouds, colors and reflections.

Hurricane Charley's


A light supper was enjoyed while the sunset and wonderful music created an amazing evening for us. A long slow dance topped off the evening before we strolled the harbor walk back to our marina. Arriving at B Dock we stopped to talk to another boating couple enjoying the evening on their boat. They laughed out loud at us when we told them it had taken us 6 hours to walk up to the Ace Hardware store.