Tuesday, August 4, 2015

We're At The Boat!

Our spot for two weeks

After years of planning, sailing and dreaming we are actually cruising. Well, in reality we are sweating our butts off on a boat on land. We are working on our 1984 Island Packet 31 at Port Charlotte Boat Storage near Fort Myers. Between the rain storms and sweltering heat our progress has been slow, but things are getting done.

One logo applied.

We are staying in a cheap motel this week with all our personal belongings stuffed around us. This picture tells part of the story, but the piles keep growing. A 44 pound Rocna anchor, one Sea-B-Que barbeque, three solar panels and much more make it a bit cozy in there. In a couple days we will haul our stuff to the boat and begin sleeping aboard in the boat lot. Port Charlotte Boat Storage is a pretty decent place to work on your boat. They have electrical and water hook-ups, bathrooms, showers, free ice and a large screened in building for community use.

Motel room filling up

Brenda has been cleaning the interior surfaces and upholstery while tossing/donating a bunch of unwanted items from the previous owner. I have been working on the cutlass bearing, installing a temporary A/C unit in the companionway, prepping the hull for bottom paint, replacing some electrical items and getting my clothes as dirty as possible.

Brenda Aboard

The plan is to work on the boat until roughly August 15th before splashing it back in the water. There will be lots of projects needing our attention later, but once we have moved aboard, painted the bottom and replaced the cutlass bearing it will be time to go sailing.


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